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Friday, March 27, 2015

Google finally affirms Mobile Friendly Algorithm roll out by April 21st !

Google breaks eager speculative questions on Mobile Friendly Algorithm: Just days to count for its Roll Out!

Hardly few days are left for Google’s mobile-friendly ranking algorithm to get launched and questions such as, “How long will it take to load page-by-page and on real time basis and that how does one know if the page qualifies to benefit from it?” were continuously asked.
Well, these are certain obvious anxious questions that were sure to trigger in the minds of webmasters around the world. This algorithm is speculated to be notably larger in impact when it is tallied to that of Panda and Penguin algorithms. Glued eyes are on April for Google’s mobile friendly algorithm to finally release.
Google finally broke silence and reverted back answers to a series of questions related to mobile-friendly algorithm. These answers were addressed to question seekers in Google+ and three important facts came to light:
  •  Although the algorithm will finally roll out on April 21st, yet it will take a week or so to start up globally
  •  One cannot evaluate the mobile-friendliness of this algorithm as it will either be mobile friendly or simply not be. 
  • But having said this, how does one actually check, whether the web pages are mobile friendly?
You may check the Video Q/A session with Google :

Well, webmasters can do it by making sure that the WebPages have the mobile-friendly label. This can be taken care of right at the time of live mobile search results. But, in case it does not display, then webmasters can start looking for it on Friendly testing tool and should be in semblance with live Google search results. In fact, the mobile usability reports in Google webmasters tools can be adjusted and delayed in terms of crawl time.

Countdown for final roll out begins from few days to a week
Google’s Mary response on the final roll out cannot be exactly said to be April 21st throughout as it may take a couple of days to finally start rolling out. This could be within the range of few days or in terms of weeks too.

Page is Mobile friendly or not? Check with the Google tool
Mobile friendly sites follow basically small font sizes, and once one taps the target/links to the buttons, positioned too close to each other. If one finds all these in their site, they earn a front edge in terms of ranking change.

But, this however does not solely determine the ranking the web page as involved in it, are a lot of other attributes which determine sites climbing the upper ladder. One of the most important facets of websites ranking high is, how it is providing a good experience or not when taken in terms of desktop search or mobile search.

How to check, site is mobile friendly or not? Use this Google testing tool
The simple and most easy step to verify whether the site is mobile friendly or not is by checking the current pages that it has a Gray mobile friendly label right in an individual’s description snippet. Once it is present, then one can be sure that the site is mobile friendly.

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