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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Google and Twitter finally come at terms for search deal!

Twitter had over the years gained much prominence in becoming the leading platform for SEO field. This compelled Google to finally hold stake over it after purchasing the company.

Several factors take into consideration related to contents which work wonders on Twitter and that making the same impression with Google ranking. Google has failed to fully utilize all new data that is generated on Twitter.

Google seems to crawl hard to manage massive amount of data that generated on twitter until Google decided to just include a section of Twitter’s total data in search results. Finally, both these companies have come to an official consensus that tweets will show up in the Google’s search result.

Characteristic of the Final deal
Twitter was always seen resenting towards any kind of access of apps to their platform and they have been even seen to ban apps from their platforms, in spite of being highly popular.

In fact because of such reasons, many were in doubt as to how could both these companies work together at common terms. But with this recent deal, it is apparent that definitely, Twitter will be seen to work with different business approach.

Engineers are seen to work day and night in implementing the change and what is sure to surface is that, tweets will be immediately published in the Google Search results as soon as they are published. Hence a direct impact is what will be seen on the search results with such change.

What comes as an utter surprise is, no advertisement revenue is involved in it and it is believed that Twitter will help compensate such in the manner of data-licensing revenue.

Social Media can be harnessed at an ease
That, social media is considered as the biggest tool for digital marketing in the present time is nothing an unknown fact. What comes as a hard reality is that, it is not easy to harness the power of this platform easily.

Social media has witnessed a lot of change in the present times, and this has resulted to more difficulty arising in harnessing the marketing techniques of this platform. 

This deal is a call towards reminding one and all the all too mighty power of social media over the entire internet. The only area that enterprises need to focus is how well they make use of social media for generating their business.

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