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Monday, June 1, 2015

Catch up with Best SEO tools of 2015 to save both time and money!

SEO is considered as one of the most important tools of Digital marketing and what has changed over the years with SEO is the method in which it is carried out and alongside the tools involved to carry out the methods. With change in time, what comes as an innate need is fast moving methods to deliver work flawless and swift. That is how tools that are widely used by webmasters get replaced with new and highly agile working tools. Check out some of these highly useful SEO tools introduced in this fresh year.
  1. To verify Crawlers and Broken links Webmasters of SEO services can use Screaming Frog SEO Spider. This tool perfectly analyses the structure of any website and points out prevailing faults in the website. This is a tool that website managers and developers can use to get the existing faults. It is considered as one of the technical tools for auditing to take place flawless.
  2. Integrity for MAC users is considered as one of the most important tool to track down broken links and is a free tool. Broken links are considered as one of the many bad user experiences that can easily take down the ranking of any page. Hence, it is important to track all such bad experiences and work on them for better page ranking.
  3. Website Auditor Software is one such program that both Mac as well as PC users can use up. This auditor tool helps with spidering , checking and evaluating all the page links and pages of any site. With this the website can be monitored flawless and quick.
  4. SEO consultants can also make use of Google Keyword Tools helps with the research of keywords to be used for website promotion by linking website addresses against those keywords used for contents.

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